Entrance to Ammunition Store Dafnoudi Kefalonia

Walk to Dafnoudi Beach and WW2 Gun Emplacements



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2001 -2016


This walk starts at the "To Pefko" taverna in Antipata and will take you to Dafnoudi beach and the German gun emplacements from WW2. Allow around half an hour to get to the gun emplacements and add another 30 minutes if you wish to stop at the beach.
If you wish to start this walk from Fiscardo, you need to start with the Deserted Village walk and then continue as above.

Antipata Taverna Fiscardo Kefalonia

Take the the road that runs from the main road, directly past the "To Pefko" Restaurant.
Follow the road restaurant, this meanders past a few small houses and descends into the valley below.

After around ten minutes there is a sharp bend to the right and on your right, a large dilapidated but magnificent house. To imagine the former glory of this house, take a peek at the walled gardens, vine shaded sun terraces and imposing entrance gates. This was once the largest house in the area and commandeered by the occupying German troops as a command residence. Old House Fiscardo Kefalonia

Track to Dafnoudi Fiscardo Kefalonia

Now continue along the road for a further ten minutes. You need to look carefully amongst the trees and bushes to your right. You should soon see a steep track leading to your right. This is sometimes marked by a crude sign in a tree and the beginning of the track is now white gravel. This descends quite steeply and is relatively rough underfoot so sturdy shoes are advised. The scramble up and down will take about ten minutes each way.
  After your visit to the beach just rejoin the tarmac road and continue downwards. After around 500 metres the tarmac comes to an abrupt end. Just in case you hadn't noticed, there is a sign "End of Road" to bring this to your attention! There is now a track leading to your left. Take this track and continue along looking to your right as you go. After around 5 minutes, on a terrace below the track you should see what appears to be a large circle of concrete. On closer inspection you will notice that threaded studs protrude from the concrete. These are the mountings for the large German cannons that were used to guard the entrance to the shipping channels between Lefkas, Ithaca and Kefalonia. Gun Emplacement Fiscardo Kefalonia
  Ammunition Store Fiscardo Kefalonia Walk down and take a look around. Behind the mountings, in the rock face you will witness what was, an amazing feat of engineering. There are two steep tunnels carved deep into the rock. These lead to a series of chambers, all man made, that comprised the ammunition stores and billets for the gun crews. It was a considerable achievement if you remember this was constructed by German army engineers using local labour. The locals were paid for the efforts in special issue military currency.
  A word of warning - although you may be tempted to explore the tunnels, beware! There could well be remnants of unexploded ammunition in addition to snakes and scorpions resident here.