Walking around Fiscardo and Kefalonia



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The geography, history and natural beauty Kefalonia combine to make a walkers paradise. Not so long ago, a network of donkey tracks and footpaths linked the now ruined villages and hamlets. Once you have found them, these tracks provide a multitude of walking opportunities - all in a beautiful scenic setting.
We have described some simple and easy routes around Fiscardo and will add more soon. To view these just click the links on the left. If you have any comments or suggestions to make, regarding more walks or inaccuracies in current routes, we will be happy to hear from you. Please us.
Before you set off make sure you take plenty of drinking water, sunscreen, a hat and good solid shoes not sandals!  

Lighthouse Walk An easy walk starting from Fiscardo. Fantastic view of the harbour and shade under the trees.

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Desserted Village
An interesting afternoon exploring an intriguing village. Option to continue to Antipata and beyond.

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Dafnoudi Beach
The Best way to get to Dafnoudi on foot from Fiscardo. See the WW2 gun emplacements.

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Don't wory about dogs!

You may encounter the occasional barking dogs. If they are a nuisance, have no fear, they are easily discouraged. You only need to pick up a stick or a stone and they will retreat very quickly indeed! You do not need to actually throw the stone or use the stick. These dogs rather expect to be hit, so they run!!