also known as Enossi

Vassilikades near Fiscardo Kefalonia


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Vassilikades is on the main road towards Argostoli, around 15 minutes by car from Fiscardo. Located on an important crossroads, it is from here that you can choose to turn left and take the breathtaking mountain route to Aghia Effimia or continue straight on to Argostoli.

In times gone by, villagers would descend from their mountain homes to buy stores and provisions in what was the main village of the area.

Nowadays Vassilikades is still important. Here you will find the doctors surgery, a small supermarket, a general store, a petrol station, a café with pool tables and an excellent restaurant. Although it could not in any way be described as picturesque, Vassilikades has a realistic feel about it.

If you wish to take the scenic route from Fiscardo, across the mountains to Aghia Effimia, it is here that you turn left, immediately opposite the petrol station.