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A visit to Greece can be a feast in many ways. The scenery is a feast of colour with the blue sea and greenery of the mountains. The smell of the fresh sea air and the pine scented breeze from the hillside can be feast for the senses. The real feast however, is the food. Sampling the results of the different cooking styles, ingredients and herbs can be one of the most enjoyable and interesting aspects of your stay.

Restaurant in a great setting. Just outside Vassilikades, about 15 minute drive from Fiscardo
Surprisingly, there are at least 11 restaurants around the harbour and within the village. A short stroll up the hill will take you to yet another. All provide a variety of local and international dishes. Vegetarians are well catered for, as Greek cooking is renowned for it's many vegetable dishes. All restaurants have outdoor seating, mainly on the quayside.

There are no fast food outlets as such in Fiscardo, if you are looking for a quick snack to eat while you stroll; the bakeries have cheese and spinach pies etc. In larger towns and cities you can find the traditional "Souvlaki" vendors. These sell kebabs and pita bread filled with meat or chicken. Although Fiscardo doesn't have one of these establishments, the restaurant "Lagoudera", close to the post office, does offer them as a reasonable and tasty takeaway.

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