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2001 -2016
Fiscardo is probably the best known of the villages of Northern Kefalonia. Perhaps all of Kefalonia? However, it is important, especially if you enjoy exploring, not to forget the fact that there are many other small and interesting villages on this part of the island.
Fiscardo, by its nature, attracts many visitors. Some will love it; others may find it just a little overdone. Whilst the pleasure in sitting on the quayside watching the world go by cannot be denied, the surrounding villages, still untouched by the double edged sword of tourism, are well worth investigating.


Quiet village with impressive views of Ithaca and beyond.

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Manganos General Store Manganos
Tiny, but an important meeting place

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Vassilikades Vassilikades
Not picturesque but has supermarket and good restaurants.

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Assos near Fiscardo, Kefalonia Assos
Beautiful, interesting place. Don't go home without paying a visit

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