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About an hours walk from Fiscardo or 8 minutes by car. Once an important hub, this small village is slightly deceptive - if you look you will find a good taverna, a general store, a greengrocers, an architect, a hardware store, a paper shop (Greek publications only) and an estate agent! Life in Manganos retains it's unhurried pace year round and although the local business's undoubtedly benefit from the summer influx, there are no obvious signs of mass tourism here.

Manganos General Store Run by Marianthi ,the village store is surprisingly well stocked. As well as fresh local eggs, a comprehensive selection of wines, spirits and groceries are available.
In the winter, Marianthi's shop becomes an important focal point for the local community
Manganos has changed considerably in the last two years. Sadly, the traditional barbers shop has closed. Ionio restaurant has moved a few metres down the road. The fruit and vegetable shop has expanded and now offers a large range of groceries.
The building that was Ionio restaurant now accommodates a cafe/ snack bar, and a paper shop. (Greek publications only)
We plan to update this page with photos of new establishments soon.