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How to Buy Property in Greece



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The purchase procedure will vary slightly depending on whether you will be in Greece during the process or controlling things by telephone  and email from abroad. If you are outside the country you will need to give the lawyer or agent acting on your behalf, "power of attorney" which will empower them to act on your behalf.

It is advisable to use a lawyer. The lawyer would make the necessary enquiries regarding clear ownership etc and then see the process through for you. However, you do not have to use a lawyer.

Normally, on agreement between buyer and seller, you would mutually appoint a "Symvoliographos", literally an agreement writer. This is a respected and official position. If you use a lawyer, a Symvoliographos will still handle the conveyancing part of the purchase.

Next, once the draft documents have been drawn up, you will pay a deposit to the seller and then you will need to visit the tax office to pay the purchase tax on the property. Before this you will need to have obtained a Greek tax number (AFM). You will collect a receipt for the payment, which needs to go back to the Symvoliographos for inclusion in the paperwork.

Finally, some official stamps are put on the new title deeds which are read and signed by you or your empowered representative, the balance of the purchase money is handed over and you are now the owner of your new property.

A power of attorney can be arranged by visiting the Greek Consulate in your country of residence. You need to have a copy of the document ready drawn up in Greek. This is then signed, witnessed and authenticated at the consulate.
A Greek tax number. This is generally known as an A.F.M. (a-fee-me). This can be obtained from your local tax office. However, it is simpler to get an accountant to obtain this on your behalf. Unless you are fluent in Greek, you will need the accountants' services on an annual basis, to fill in your yearly tax return. You will not incur any tax liability unless you generate income in Greece.