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If you are already in Greece, a guide the ferries to Fiscardo and Kefalonia can be found here.


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If you are thinking about arranging your own holiday rather than use a tour operator,this page is for you. Booking an inclusive package through an operator is easier but the substantial savings that can be made,together with the satisfaction of having organised things yourself, certainly makes the effort more than worthwhile. It is also far simpler than you may think!
The easiest way to get to Kefalonia and many other destinations in Greece, is by a direct charter flight. These run from many of the UK airports. Tickets can be booked through some holiday companies as a “flight only”. High street travel agencies can also arrange these flights, as can the specialist air ticket agencies. It used to be, that the closer to your departure date you booked your flight, the cheaper it would be. However, with the advent of EasyJet and other budget airlines the opposite is now the case - the earlier you book your flights the cheaper they will be!
Easyjet direct flights London to Kefalonia
This is great news for independent travellers. Easyjet now fly directly from London to Kefalonia twice weekly from April to October and 3 times in July and August. Also for Visitors wishing to travel from   Milan in Italy, Easyjet are running a twice weekly service from Malpensa to Kefalonia from July until September.
Check the links below for dates and prices.
London to Kefalonia Timetable here
Milan to Kefalonia Timetable Here
Ryanair London to Kefalonia
Now Ryanair join the list of reasonably priced flights providers to Kefalonia.
Flights are from London Stanstead on Mondays and Thursdays.
For more details visit the Ryaniar website
Ryanair are also offering direct flights from Kefalonia to Milan.
Direct charter flights can also be booked to Kefalonia from various UK airports. These can be booked on the Internet. Some companies offering reasonable flights are: Thomsonfly, Just the Flight, and Charter Flight Centre. Please not, this is not a complete list of all flight providers and you can also try searching the Internet.
Transavia Amsterdam to Kefalonia
Transavia now fly into Kefalonia on Tuesdays and Fridays. for more details
If you are flying from a country that does run any charter service to Kefalonia, then the alternative  is to fly into Athens.  You can then travel by domestic flight provided by Olympic Airways or take a bus and ferry to the island. The bus and ferry journey to Kefalonia is quite lengthy 3.5 hours by bus and a 3 hour ferry trip from Patras. Some useful bus info here.
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