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The following headings provide brief information on general topics we believe potential visitors may find useful. If you would like to suggest further topics please contact us

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With the introduction of the Euro, most visitors will no longer require exchange facilities. However, if you are coming from a non-EEC destination or the UK, local currency is readily available.There are also three A.T.M machines dispensing cash 24 hours a day. Alternatively, there are two travel agencies, Pama Travel and Nautilus Travel that also exchange currency. In high season these agencies are open until late in the evening, seven days a week.
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There are 3 well-stocked supermarkets in Fiscardo. These stores carry a full range of goods including fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meat, frozen goods, hardware, tobacco and of course all kinds alcohol including good Kefalonian wines. Self-catering is therefore a realistic and viable option. With the exception of good strong tea or specialist diet foods, there is nothing missing that will inconvenience you greatly. There are several souvenir shops. Designer sunglasses, sandals and clothes are also available.
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Newspapers and Magazines
These, together with a good selection of foreign language paperback books and maps etc are sold in the supermarkets.
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There are two bakeries in Fiscardo. Both provide a range of fresh bread and cakes. The cheese and spinach pies are particularly good, and ideal if you are planning a picnic.Of particular interest is the original Fiscardo bakery, which is located in the alleyway leading from the taxi rank towards the main road.
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Medical and Medicine:
There is a well equipped surgery run by Dr Stefanos Papadakis .For more details use this link :
There is a fully stocked pharmacy next to the old bakery. This is open all year round
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Eating Out
Surprisingly, there are at least 11 restaurants hidden around the harbour and within the village. A short stroll up the hill will take you to yet another. All establishments provide a variety of local delicacies and international dishes. Vegetarians are well catered for, as Greek cooking is renowned for it's many vegetable dishes. All restaurants have outdoor seating, mainly on the quayside.
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There is no petrol station in Fiscardo. However there are two stations within easy reach. One is just outside Vassilikades and the other, in the village. If you have a yacht or cruiser, fuel in large mounts can be delivered by tanker. However, if you only need fuel for your outboard engine, the option is limited to taking a taxi and filling a can.
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Telephones and Internet Access
Mobile phone coverage in the Fiscardo area is now very reliable. G.S.M. telephones with a roaming facility work well as there are three networks to choose from. Your mobile phone will automatically use the network with the strongest local signal. There are also three public telephones around the village. These use easily available phone cards and are probably the most economical way to call home. Should you you wish to check your e-mail, Internet access is available at Pama Travel.
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Post Office
There is a post office in Fiscardo where, in addition to purchasing stamps you can also change currency and send money orders.
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Public Transport
There is a twice-daily bus service form Fiscardo to Argostoli, the capital of the island. Unfortunately, the first bus departs at the crack of dawn - around 6am! This returns again at lunchtime and then makes another one-way trip to the capital. The times can vary, so if you are planning on taking the bus, check the times locally well in advance. Taxis are readily available during the day and can be picked up from the square in the centre of the village.
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Fiscardo is a working port and there are car and passenger ferries that run daily during the summer, between Fiscardo, Lefkas, and Ithaca. Times and frequency of trips vary considerably depending on the season and can be changed suddenly. It is well worth double-checking times before any planned trip. Also, if you are planning a day trip, do make sure that there is indeed a return ferry!
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