The Original Fiscardo Bakery


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2001 -2016

This is the original Fiscardo bakery. Bread for the village has been baked on the premises by generations of the Tselenti family and is now continued by Ellie who has taken on the business since the retirement of her parents.

 The bread at Ellies is baked freshly on the premises. In addition, Ellie also provides some delicious snacks. The traditional Tyropita (cheese pie), Spanakopitta (spinach pie) a wonderful Ionian pie and of course the addictive and sticky Greek cakes are all home-made by Ellie.

If  you are up early, just follow the tantalising smell of freshly baked bread. If you are not an early riser, Ellies Bakery is easy to find,
located on the small alleyway which runs from the top of the main square, just beyond the taxi rank.

If you are planning a picnic, or perhaps a day out on a hire boat,call into Ellies Bakery and pick-up a sumptuous feast!