Deserted Village near Fiscardo Kefalonia

Deserted Village Near Fiscardo


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2001 -2016


An interesting walk that begins from Fiscardo and takes you back in time. This walk can be combined to make a longer hike to Dafnoudi beach or used as a shortcut to the village of Antipata, now with three restaurants so you can most certainly find refreshment and a good excuse to stop along the way!

Duration: Around an hour depending upon how long you spend exploring the village.

Start Point: The Old Bakery in Fiscardo.
Walk up the alleyway and pass the bakery on your right, it soon becomes a single lane footpath and ends in a few steps up to the main road. Exactly opposite you, is the track you should take. There may be a signpost to "Kastro Club" - follow this!

Queen Fiscardo's throne

The first interesting place to stop is Queen Fiscardo's Throne. This is about 100 meters up the track on your right hand side, just beyond the parking for Kastro Club. There is a very small stone lined path leading to the "throne".
This is possibly a natural formation but is more likely to have been hewn from the solid rock in ancient times. Local legend suggests that it was here that the Queen of Fiscardo held court.
Continue up the track, which becomes quite rough and resembles a dry riverbed. To your left and right you will notice the remains of old terraces now long overgrown and as you reach the brow of the hill, you will notice fields to your left.
Beyond these fields you may now be able to catch a glimpse of the deserted village. Continue just a little further and the track becomes a tarmac road. On your left, above the road, is the church of Saint Spirithon. If you are interested, there are some gravestones here, which date back to the turn of the century.

Church at Psilithrias Fiscardo Kefalonia

Continue up the tarmac road a few yards and from here you will get a good view of the village. To get to the village you need to continue a little further. First you will pass a stone house on your right, immediately followed by a small bungalow on your left. About fifty metres past this you will notice a newly widened footpath on your left - this loops back and leads directly to your destination, the old village of Psilithrias.
Old Gate Psilithrias Fiscardo Kefalonia Here you can admire the view of Ithaca and the sea below and ponder on the past inhabitants of this once thriving village. Although a couple of the houses have been renovated and are used during the summer, the majority are not habitable. Some of the houses must have been quite grand in their time as there are remains of large gateposts and majestic balconies. It is interesting to note that this village cannot be seen from the sea. Villages on Kefalonia were often built in similar locations. This was in order not to be seen by pirates. Access was entirely on foot and goods were transported by mule or donkey.
Once you have absorbed the atmosphere of the village you can either re-trace your steps to Fiscardo or continue another ten minutes up the track to the village of Antipata. With it's typically Greek taverna, school building, church and large village square,this is a relaxing place to catch your breath and enjoy a cool drink or a snack before making the return journey or continuing your adventure.