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Alaties Beach


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About 20 minutes by car from Fiscardo. Drive to Manganos and turn right at the crossroads. Follow the sign for Chalikeri. This tiny but interesting beach is worth a visit. There is room for only a few people on the beach but plenty of nice rocks can be found to bask on all around. A good time to go is late afternoon or early evening as the sunset is very beautiful from this location. There is a small restaurant just above the beach where you can enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down after your swim.

Alaties signs Kefalonia Greece

Rock pools at Alaties Kefalonia Greece

If you explore the peninsula to the right of the beach you will find several shallow rock pools. In years gone by, salt was collected from these pools after the seawater had evaporated. This explains the name of the beach. In Greek, salt is "Alati".

There are some very rudimentary changing rooms to the left of the steps as you leave the beach. Alaties changing rooms Kefalonia Greece
In very windy weather it is unwise to explore the rock pools. The waves can be very powerful and people have been swept off the rocks!