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About 25 minutes by car from Fiscardo. Drive to Manganos and turn right at the crossroads. Follow the sign for Chalikeri. Wend your way downwards for about 10 minutes. You will come to a T junction. On your left, there will be a couple of green wheelie bins. If you carry straight on, you will go to Alaties beach, so take the left past the bins. Stay on the main tarmac road and follow it! It ends at Aghia Jerusalem. Alaties signs
Aghia Jerusalem One of the local 'secrets' Aghia Jerusalem is one of the few beaches that are still relatively peaceful in August.
There is a small and excellent Taverna providing good food in an idyllic setting, reminiscent of the unspoilt Greece of times past.

In the grounds of the restaurant there is space for several camper vans and a freshwater shower.
Aghia Jerasulem also serves as an overflow harbour and several of the Fiscardo fishing boats prefer to moore here during the summer
Boats at Aghia Jerusalem
Due to the prevailing winds there is quite often some tar to be found on this beach. However, in high season it is a welcome getaway from the crowds to be found on the better known beaches closer to Fiscardo.
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