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Without links where would the Internet take us?
Below you will find links to a few sites that are relevant or may be of interest to visitors and travellers to Fiscardo, Kefalonia, the Ionian Islands or Greece and the Greek Islands in General.

Kefalonia by Greeka
Comprehensive and informative guide to the island of Kefalonia
Get a flavour of the rest of Kefalonia from this up-to date site
Upmarket villa holiday company with an impressive selection of properties in the Fiscardo area
Ionian Discoveries
Unique educational trip on a genuine original wooden caique based in Fiscardo.
Interesting guide to the island. Lots of useful info and a selection of travelers tales from past visitors. 
Greek Islands Postcards
A critical look at the best and worst aspects of various Greek island destinations. There are some negative comments about Kefalonia. Do you agree? 
Travel Guide to Greece
Entertaining, helpful and very comprehensive guide to Greece and the Greek islands.
Comprehensive guide to Greece and her islands for  Dutch speakers .
The Kefalonia Tourist guide Index 
A tour around the popular resorts of the island. Useful information and an opportunity to ask and answer questions on the busy notice board.  
Just Kefalonia
A new kind of holiday guide where recommendations come from visitors to the island, not advertisers.
Have a look at the real time weather at Kefalonia airport.
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